Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Hunter Challenge: Zero Damage

The Zero Damage Challenge


1) You must reach max level with less than 10K damage received. *
2) You can not enter a group at any point. **
3) You can be in a guild for bonus experience.
4) You can use heirlooms for the bonus experience.
5) You can take mining and herbalism for bonus experience.
6) You can not use a scroll of resurrection to start your journey at level 80. **
7) You can not use refer a friend to grant levels to your character. **
8) Sugar daddies are allowed to pay for flying, gear, etc.
9) No tag and kill allowed, you must kill your mobs yourself. **

* 10,000 damage is being allowed for incidentals like walking over fires or braziers, the 1-10 experience where you do not control your pet yet, and mobs that do AoE while you pass them but you are not actually in battle with them.  It is not much of a buffer and 0 would still be better than 10,000, so be careful.
** No way we can check this, up to you to be honest about it.